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You do everything on your iPhone. It's time to get the Passlock and keep your passwords and sensitive data in a safe way.

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All your data is secured offline on your device and we do not store any of your data on our servers. Passlock encrypt your data by using multiple open-source algorithms to ensure maximum security.

iCloud Sync

iCloud Sync allows you to access your data on all your devices. All your data are protected with strong encryption while in iCloud and any changes you make will sync across all your devices.

Strong Passwords

With Passlock you can create and store unique, complex passwords in one click when you create new accounts or change old passwords.

Unlock with Biometry

Keep sensitive or important information safe and easily accessible by using Touch/Face ID.


All your documents and files now can be encrypted and saved with Passlock.

Auto Fill

Passlock automatically save and fill your passwords, personal information, and payment details.


Keep your data safe with our strong XChaCha20 encryption, which protects your sensitive information at all times.


User data is encrypted and decrypted at device level and kept secret in the vault.


Store and categorize all your passwords in easy to manage folders. Pin your favorite logins for easy access.

Two Factor Auth (2FA)

Add an extra layer of protection to your digital accounts. Just open Passlock, scan the code and you're done.

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  • Secure Encrypted Private Vault
  • Synchronization / Backup
  • (2FA) Two Factor Authentication
  • FaceID / TouchID Authentication
  • Generic Items
  • AutoFill
  • Password Generator
  • Item history
  • Attachments / Files
  • Trash / Restore Items
  • Version


  • Notification Center
  • Help Section
  • New look of Add new...
  • Version


  • Option to delete item history
  • Duplicate template
  • Version


  • Icon editor
  • Download card type icon
  • Password field are used in AutoFill
  • Version


  • Аdded Spanish translation
  • Аdded possibility to delete item in edit mode
  • Version


  • Аdded support for Dark Mode (requires iOS 13).
  • Аdded 3 new icons in Icon Editor.
  • Version


  • Аdded option to attach video files.
  • Аdded new item icons to the list of Top Sites: Kwai, Qiwi and Tik Tok.
  • Version


  • Added option to disable Require Master Password after restart.
  • Added multiple alerts to let you know when and why was triggered Require Master Password
  • Version


  • Added licenses section, big thanks to all open source projects that are used in Passlock
  • Version


  • Added Recovery Kit that can be used to unlock Passlock in case of an emergency or when you forget your Master Password
  • Version


  • Introduced subscription for new users
  • Version


  • Added new subscription model
  • Version


  • Added badge count for new messages in Notifications
  • Аdded new item icons to the list of Top Sites
  • Added file-type thumbnails

Done ✅

In the near future 🤔

  • 3D Touch, Home Screen Actions, Spotlight Search
  • HIBP
  • Support Chat
  • Groups (shared vault)
  • Import data from other password managers
  • Security Audit
  • White Paper
  • OCR, wiki
  • Item sharing (in an encrypted form)
  • Attach multiple files at once
  • Option to generate secure memorable passwords
  • Accessibility Support
  • iPadOS version
  • macOS version
  • Tags
  • Export data from Passlock New!

Disclaimer: Our roadmap is subject to change at any time and has no specific date guarantees